Zurab Ghvaladze

The vineyard of Zura Gvaladze and his family is located in the small village of Obcha, in the west of Georgia. They have been growing grapes and producing wine for over four generations. Today the family owns 3 hectares of land where Tsitska and Tsolikouri grapes are grown. Zura's father was an oenologist and passed on his accumulated knowledge to him. It is important to emphasize that Zura never had to buy grapes to make wine, but always cultivated his own vineyard. Moreover, there are only a few hundred meters between this vineyard and his Marani, which is key to preserve the character of the terroir even during the maturation of the wine in Qvevri, he points out.

The village of Obcha is located east of the Sairme Mountains at 324 meters, which creates a favorable angle of sunshine that provides ideal conditions for growing high-quality grapes. The perfect balance of geography, microclimate and well-drained soil create the perfect environment for this.

The prevailing cool night temperatures are crucial for the development of high quality grapes. The alluvial soil with clay, gravel, sand and limestone has another significant influence on the quality of the wine. Besides Germany, Zura's wines can also be found in Sweden and Latvia.