Iberieli Tetri Kamuri-Tsolikouri 2019

Zurab Topuridze

18.45 20.50 27.33 pre litre


Die weiße Kamuri und Tsolikouri Traube balancieren sich gegenseitig und entfalten gemeinsam ihr enormes Potenzial: die dynamisch-verspielte Tsolikouri wird von der soliden Kamuri, die meist als edle Tafeltraube verzehrt wird, im Zaum gehalten. So zeigt dieser leicht bernsteinfarbene Wein die frische Leichtigkeit Westgeorgiens in wundervoller Weise: Erinnerungen an Vanille, Lavendel und junge Mandel erwachen und werden mit einem interessanten, nicht erwarteten mineralischen Nachgeschmack abgerundet.

Grape variety: Tetri Kamuri-Tsolikouri

Wine type: Weißwein

Vintage: 2019

Region: Sakvavistke (Gurien)

Wine grower: Zurab Topuridze

Alcoholic content: 11,5 %

Allergens: enthält Sulfite

Zurab Topuridze

Iberieli is a family winery operated by Zurab Topuridze with 10 hectares of vineyards in Guria, the region of western Georgia and 5 hectares in Kakheti, the region in eastern Georgia. The name Iberieli - chosen by Zurab's children - refers to the ancient peoples of the Caucasus who produced wine several thousand years ago. Iberians are considered the inventors of Qvevri wine making and also the ancestors of Georgians. The heartfelt concern of the family is to preserve this authentic Georgian tradition and to produce unique, natural wines from local grapes. They want to set standards for their colleagues and friends by creating superb examples. Zurab Topuridze not only narrates this as one of the organic pioneers of Georgian winegrowing, he also lives according to his conviction: Zurab is one of the ten founders of the Natural Wine Association, which is committed to establishing Georgian natural wine as a serious alternative to industrial mass production. He and the meanwhile more than 60 members of the NWA are making invaluable lobbying for a more conscious use of oenological agriculture and the nature itself. It goes without saying that he only produces Qvevri natural wines. Zurab is sure that a natural product, untreated and free of additives, will produce the best results in its natural ripening process: "This way of growing grapes creates vivid, healthier wines and allows the wine to represent the terroir of its origin".