DoReMi WiNe Kisi 2021

Giorgi Tsirghvava & Mamuka Tsiklauri ("DoReMi")

20.20 26.93 pre litre


Eine wundervoll tief-orange und bernsteinfarbene Überraschung im Glas.

Auf seine leichte Öligkeit weisen schon die Kirchenfenster an der Glaswand hin. Die Nase ist leicht oxidativ und reich an reifen, gelben Früchten. Getrocknete Aprikosen, reife Quitte, Honig, Roter Apfel und sogar ein wenig Vanille, auch wenn er keinen Kontakt mit Holz hatte. Am Gaumen überraschend ausgewogen und trockener, als die Nase verspricht. Der Wein hat keine Ecken und Kanten und ist sehr elegant. Die Säure hält sich sehr zurück. Deutliche, aber angenehm weiche Tannine runden das ganze noch ab. Der Wein hatte sechs Monate Schalenkontakt und wurde im Qvevri, dem traditionellen Tongefäß in Georgien ausgebaut.

Fazit: Trotz seiner 13,5 ° Alk. Vol. wirkt der Wein leichter und ist sehr angenehm zu trinken. Egal ob zu gut gewürztem Essen oder nicht. Immer eine gute Wahl.

Grape variety: Kisi

Wine type: Amber Wein

Vintage: 2021

Region: Kacheti

Origin: Georgien

Wine grower: Giorgi Tsirghvava & Mamuka Tsiklauri ("DoReMi")

Alcoholic content: 13,5 %

Allergens: Enthält Sulfite

Importeur: Kovacs-Gokieli und Seitz GbR, Pfalzburger Str. 33, D-10717 Berlin, Deutschland

Bottler: LTD DoReMi, V. Petriashvili Str. 27-29, Flat 25, 0179, Tbilisi, Georgia

Giorgi Tsirghvava & Mamuka Tsiklauri ("DoReMi")

Mamuka Tsiklauri and Giorgi Tsirghvava are the founders and winemakers of DoReMi. They have known each other since childhood, were classmates and are still close friends today. Giorgi studied economics and is active in the real estate business. Mamuka, in contrast, is an actor, who has not been practicing this profession for many years, but earns his living in the construction business.

Probably it was this inner feeling of moving something really important in life, which both of them lacked, that after a night of carousing and philosophizing they finally asked themselves whether they should let their family wine roots grow and prosper in a professional direction.

Of course, their parents and grandparents had always produced honest and simple homemade wines for their own use throughout their lives, using the modest vine yields of their own garden.

So Georgi and Mamuka combined their respective family knowledge with their own experience of wine making and founded DoReMi. Why the name? Because it sounds musically beautiful and, contrary to their difficult to pronounce surnames, is easy to remember.

In 2014 the first bottles were professionally bottled and presented to a wider range of wine lovers both within Georgia and in distant countries such as the USA, Japan or Australia. The international interest became a motivator for Mamuka and Giorgi and drove them to further experiments and discoveries.

Meanwhile DoReMi produces more than 10 different amber, white and red wines of different grape varieties from Kakheti, Kartli and Imereti.

The wines can be divided into two main characteristics: firstly, the Kathetian wines, in which fermentation and maturation in Qvevri are accompanied by 6 months of maceration as standard, which gives the wines a particularly clear expression of its body and energy. On the other hand, the inland wines from Kartli and Imereti, which are more characterized by their delicacy and aromas of fruit and floral tones.