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Afterglow is in the air and in the mood, a not too harsh autumn welcomes you with open, warm arms. These are the moments of transition in which you waver between rosé and red and would be grateful if there were somehow both at once, but also not double overlapping. The search is over, and with our best wishes we give you three rosé/roast/red wines that will make this light melancholy drinkable with pleasure.

Gotsa Tavkveri 2017

Bluis Jgia 2018

Vino Martville Aladasturi 2018

Grape variety: Jgia, Aladasturi, Tavkveri

Vintage: 2017, 2018

Region: Kakheti, Samegrelo, Kartli

Origin: Georgien

Alcoholic content: 11 - 12 %

Allergens: Enthält Sulfite

Importeur: Kovacs-Gokieli und Seitz GbR, Pfalzburger Str. 33, D-10717 Berlin, Deutschland

Bottler: siehe Einzelprodukte